How to Maximize Your Bird Feeding Dollars

Make the most of your bird feeding funds with the foods that birds prefer. You can also attract and feed the birds you want; while deterring starlings, grackles and squirrels that would otherwise dominate a feeder.

No-Mess Plus Blend

Quality Blends = A Better Value

Each of our blends is selected to meet the regional and seasonal needs of our birds. Combine that with no shells and no fillers and you get the biggest bang for your bird feeding buck! Our unique No-Mess Blends, pound-for-pound, are a better value. You do not pay for the weight and volume of shells or undesirable ingredients. The birds eat everything! No-Mess Blends work great in hopper, tube and tray feeders and can be placed near flower beds, patios and decks.

Chickadee eating Safflower

Starling-resistant Options

Offer safflower, and keep squirrels, starlings and grackles from eating all your bird food, crowding your feeders and chasing away the birds you want to see! Most song birds (including cardinals!) enjoy safflower; however, starlings, grackles and squirrels typically do not. It works best when presented in tube and tray feeders.

Caged Large Seed Tube

On-Guard™ Protection

Guard your bird food with an On-Guard™ cage for your feeders. The wire mesh is the right size to deny starlings, grackles and squirrels access to the precious bird food. Smaller birds are able to fly in through the mesh and eat, even Downy Woodpeckers!

We carry cages for seed tube, peanut and suet feeders.

Exclusionary Feeders

Protect your seed from blackbirds, larger birds and squirrels. Our Eliminator™ feeder has a unique technology that closes the seed ports when there is too much weight on the perch ring. When a larger, heavier bird or too many birds land on the perch ring, their weight closes the seed ports. The Eliminator’s unique technology allows you to set the sensitivity level to close when one or more starlings land to feed.