June Nature Happenings

Nature Happenings

  • June is Perennial Garden Month & National Rivers Month

  • Many seed-eating birds swallow small stones (known as "grit") which remain in the gizzard, a muscular part of the stomach. The grit helps break up hard seeds and nuts which will aid in the birds' digestion.

  • Bird migration is finished, meaning that migratory birds such as hummingbirds and orioles have found the locations where they will remain throughout the summer.  Keep an eye out, these migratory birds will be nesting, so babies hatching will be soon to follow!

Hummingbird on Nest

  • Fawns will continue to be born through mid-month.  Remember the safest place for a fawn is bedded down and hidden from predators, and mom is usually never far away. So just because you can see the fawn and not the mother, that doesn't mean that it has been lost or abandoned.

  • Wood Duck and Mallard ducklings hatch and venture forth early in the month.

  • Canada Geese begin molting.  Unlike most birds, after nesting geese will lose all of their flight feathers in preparation for migration.  This means that during this time the geese cannot fly, and so you will probably see them scavenging for food on foot a lot more this month!

  • Female bats are giving birth to "pups" who will nurse from their mothers.  Only a single pup is born to each female, and the pups will remain with their mothers - usually clinging to her furry underside - anywhere from six weeks to four months depending on the species of bat.  At that time the young bat's wings are strong enough for flight, and they can venture out on their own in search of food. Check out Bat Conservation International and other organizations for information on why bats are ecologically important, and how you can help protect these currently threatened species.

  • Mosquitoes can become a problem, but be careful of using harmful chemicals which can affect birds and bats which eat mosquitoes.

  • Be sure to keep your feeders and bird baths clean and your seed fresh - You never know who might turn up for a drink or a snack

Goldfinch and Birdbath